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Structural Repairs


There can be many different solutions when dealing with structural foundation repairs. Abalon's trained representatives will properly assess your particular situation and give you options for repairs, as well as a firm cost on your project. At Abalon, we believe in keeping all of our promises and keeping you, the customer, well informed.


Foundation Crack Repair

Cracks in foundation walls usually occur because of shrinking or swelling of the clay supporting the foundation wall under the footing. The crack usually appears at a location on the wall least able to withstand the stress and does not necessarily indicate where the shrinkage or swelling is occurring. The size, shape, location and direction of the crack will help your Abalon representative determine the source of the problem and the solution. A crack that has opened may close when soil conditions are reversed. It is for this reason that at Abalon we do not fill the cracks more than a depth of 1 inch unless it is a compressible material. In most cases we do not recommend cracks be repaired from the inside as this would trap water in the wall. This water could freeze in the winter causing further damage.


There are many methods of crack repair. There are also many different materials used at Abalon, and we are constantly testing new methods and materials. We will recommend the method and material that will give you the best result for a reasonable price.



The art of underpinning structures is as old as that of building itself, going back to ancient times. The purpose of underpinning is to increase the size or depth of a structure's foundation. This is called remedial underpinning. Underpinning is a specialized form of construction and needs to be performed by experienced field personnel and engineers.

There are many methods of underpinning but the most common is placing friction type piles under the foundation wall. Holes are drilled under the wall to approximately 30 feet from grade level. These holes are filled with concrete and reinforcing steel to under the existing footing. Abalon has been underpinning homes in western Canada for over 50 years. Our experienced estimators will answer any questions you have regarding underpinning.


House Levelling

A house levelling usually means raising the low portion of the house off the foundation walls until the house is level. The space between the house and the top of the foundation wall is then filled in with concrete and the exterior repaired to match the existing stucco or siding. In levelling a house the contractor must consider electrical, plumbing, gas lines, chimneys, etc.

On occasion an entire basement is raised, however, this is usually cost prohibitive. Your Abalon representative can provide you with all the information you require.


Basement Floors

Have Abalon repair or replace your cracked or heaved basement floor. We can give your home a completely new basement floor. Ask your Abalon representative what options you have to fix your damaged basement floor.


Telepost Adjustments

Teleposts are adjustable steel posts that support the main beam which in turn supports the floor joists and main floor through the center of the house. These steel posts are usually supported by concrete pads under the basement floor. These pads are at the same depth as the outside foundation wall footings.

The ends of the main beam and the ends of the floor joists are supported by the exterior foundation walls. Unfortunately the clay under the exterior footings and the clay under the teleposts pads do not receive the same amount of moisture, therefore, there is a differential movement between the two.

If the soil under the footings shrinks or swells and the outside walls heave or settle, the teleposts need to be adjusted to keep the main beam at the proper level. The same is true if the soil under the telepost pads shrinks or swells. If no adjustment is made, the result is cracked drywall, sticking doors, etc. Your Abalon representative will give you any information you need regarding teleposts.


Epoxy Injections

Epoxy resin injection is a method of filling cracks in basement walls and floors. The epoxy resin turns into a very hard waterproof material which permanently bonds to whatever it has been applied to. Epoxy injection may not be suitable for every crack repair, so ask your Abalon representative if this method is suitable for your particular situation.


Foundation Inspections

We provide a complete foundation inspection service. Once the inspection is complete you will receive a written report detailing the condition of the foundation structure and the costs for any needed repairs.

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